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Beyond The Veil: Chad Daybell's Prophetic Yearnings

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The Hidden True Crime podcast and YouTube Channel bring criminal psychology and journalism together in a “genre-breaking” way as the husband-and-wife team of Dr. John Matthias and Lauren Matthias explore the psychological elements and hidden motivations of unthinkable crimes within the larger context of the human condition.

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A better understanding of crime is a better understanding of ourselves.


– Dr. John Matthias

Hidden True Crime Interviewed by Keith Morrison

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Today Lori Vallow’s best friend Mel Gibb testified and we have a trial recap with JJ Vallow’s grandpa Larry Woodcock. Link in comments or stories ... See MoreSee Less

Today Lori Vallow’s best friend Mel Gibb testified and we have a trial recap with JJ Vallow’s grandpa Larry Woodcock. Link in comments or stories

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I was truly disturbed by her desire to protect the LDS church. It just made everything she said suspect after the Bisby case and how we know the church can do evil things with the protection of the members. It just turned me off Mel. I really enjoyed her on MSP and HTC but now I feel really suspicious of her and her motives and perspectives.

Love you guys! I’ve been with y’all since the beginning. Sorry won’t get to come in person to the Memorial , but I’ll be tuning in online. I’m keeping y’all in my prayers that “JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED”!!

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So much emotion! You all are so strong

After today’s testimony do you think Chad killed JJ the night Melanie’s husband had the nightmare?

a portal potty!!! 😂😂😂

MELANIE GIBB IS TESTIFYING. Come Join us in Chat ... See MoreSee Less

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Lauren, I love your dedication for justice for the kids , Tammy and Charles , but I really enjoyed having your commentary today during court! Feel better soon❤️

Thank you Lauren and John for all your doing. I first hear about this case when the Woodcocks were on the Court steps when they won the right for trial for justice. He was such a passionate grandfather for JJ & Tylee I couldn’t help but listen and my heart broke open for them. Yesterday listening to the men giving testimony and his emotions about the children brought tears to my eyes too and I thought of the Woodcocks and all family & workers of justice. I’m an active LDS church member hoping to live again in Utah, and also had family hurt by treacherous acts who have broken hearts of my family. I appreciate so much your skills and John’s trying to help us understand the senseless. Trying to understand the psychology behind it all. I appreciate the dignity in which you both present yourselves on such tender subjects and trying not to reinjure the families nor sensationalize. Thank you for being helpful understanding voices. Thank you for all your very hard work.

Lauren, really want to know what you were saying at the end after that whole mess getting called out by Boyce. I think you were talking but I couldn’t hear you. I was dying! Imagine being called out for a whole drunken motion 😂 Feel better!

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Teen Tammy

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She was such a beautiful woman! So devoted to her family ❤️! I feel a deep sorrow for her family!

She was absolutely beautiful ,.gone but never forgotten, may she rest in Eternal love and Devine peace

She is a cutie, that smile!!!!!

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Amazing, insightful commentary delivered conversationally by a journalist and forensic psychologist couple from their family home. Wonderfully engaging & intimate. Always linking the discussion of the crime at hand to larger truths about the human condition. One of my absolute favorite crime series.

Your podcast effectively weaves a tapestry of facts, knowledge, instinct and research that not only applies to the cases being discussed, but provides an opportunity for the listeners to employ the strategies discussed and enrich their own relationships.

Podcast I didn’t know I needed: I’ve been an avid true crime podcast listener, always seeming as though I walked away missing something. This podcast fills that void. The deep psychological dive this couple takes is both needed in this world of true crime and much appreciated.

I am stunned by your competency- content and presentation- as a team.

You guys need more followers. I watched all the Daybell-Vallow episodes in one day. I have some of the same traits and mental health issues that Lori has. I don’t want to kill anybody, but you explained the problem. Thank you. I wish you were my mental health professional.

This is the best assessment, hands down, I have heard in years with regard to analysis of the criminal mind…thank you for having such integrity and for not talking down to your audience.

I looked forward to listening to your first podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Novel, unique, intelligent, insightful and even inspiring. Who would have thought I could listen to an episode about this case and walk away feeling inclined to be more grateful, grounded, mindful, and accepting of my humanity and mortality? Love both of you and can’t wait for the next one.

I listened to all the podcasts. Very valuable, interesting and intriguing information! I love the way John speaks and teaches. I love his references and stories. I LOVE how he explains Chad’s behaviors through psychology, referencing well respected clinical philosophies. John explains what I sensed about him…I plan to listen to these podcasts again because they are just plain educational! And very interesting. Looking forward to dinner next week!

I love hearing a point of view from someone who understands the mind of a criminal. Please put out more podcasts and consider doing one live. I have so many questions!

This is utterly brilliant. The best podcast I have ever heard. Ever.

The most important podcast I’ve ever heard. This has to be some of the most profound content in media today. A must listen for anyone trying to understand dysfunctional people around them.