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Beyond The Veil: Chad Daybell's Prophetic Yearnings

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The Hidden True Crime podcast and YouTube Channel bring criminal psychology and journalism together in a “genre-breaking” way as the husband-and-wife team of Dr. John Matthias and Lauren Matthias explore the psychological elements and hidden motivations of unthinkable crimes within the larger context of the human condition.

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A better understanding of crime is a better understanding of ourselves.


– Dr. John Matthias

Hidden True Crime Interviewed by Keith Morrison

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1 month ago
Hidden: A True Crime Podcast

PLEASE HIT SUBSCRIBE ON OUR YT CHANNEL. We'll be going live at 7pm Pacific (8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 Eastern). To learn more about Hidden True Crime, head to hiddentruecrime.com/

JOSEPH SCOTT MORGAN is a death investigator and Associate Professor of Applied Forensics. He is considered one of the leading experts on the Coroner System in the United States and has appeared numerous times on national TV to discuss the Daybell case.

He is the host of "Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan" check it out here:

LAUREN MATTHIAS has worked as an anchor and reporter for ABC, NBC, and FOX News in East Idaho, Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. She spent a decade reporting on a diverse range of topics from high profile crimes to Presidential visits. In 2015 she received the Idaho State Broadcaster’s Association Best Reporter award. She recently left the reporting world to produce and edit, Hidden: A True Crime Podcast along with her husband Dr. John Matthias, a forensic psychologist.

HIDDEN: A TRUE CRIME PODCAST is: CRIMINAL PSCYHOLOGY REINVENTED. Join us on a journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind and the unconscious motivations that drive human behaviors in order to understand the world and ourselves. Pull up a chair at our dinner table as a forensic psychologist and a journalist, who are husband and wife, delve into the psychological facets of unthinkable crimes.

WEBSITE: hiddentruecrime.com/

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We appreciate help from our listeners. Your donations help us to produce these podcasts. We have some big plans to explore the true crime terrain in a way that no one else has attempted.

Let's see how far we can go together to reinvent the true crime genre.

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I thought the bucket was used to carry her dismembered body. 🙁

Excellent interview! Thank you so much for offering this to us!

That was so informative. I really learned a lot.

Does the family pay for the autopsy?

So informative. Thank you.

This was an awesome interview!!

This was awesome! Great job Lauren!


Yes, very weird

Love this

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Link for YouTube’s live TGIF tonight with death investigator Joseph Scott Morgan: youtu.be/jwABkMqL6MQ ... See MoreSee Less

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This was a great interview, really enjoyed it.

This was great!!!! Really good stuff!

It`s always a treat to get to listen to Joseph Scott Morgan and how he explains things.

Excellent interview and informative.

Awesome 👏

Ohhh I love his voice! Looking forward to it.

This is going to be good!

This was great. I'm not a paetron, I'm sorry. Just can't afford but enjoy your podcast. My question is 2 fold. 1- do you think the medical examiner will be fired? 2- I keep going back to Yellowstone. This will sound weird but there is a lot of hot springs that would kill a person. Do you think Yellowstone had something to do to Tylee death?

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Derrick Dillard, Josh Duggar’s brother-in-law, released this on social media today about his father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar. Jim Bob is running for state Senate in Arkansas.

Hidden True Crime released a podcast episode on YouTube last night about Josh Duggar’s recent conviction. The episode has also been posted on Patreon ad-free in audio form.
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Derrick Dillard, Josh Duggar’s brother-in-law, released this on social media today about his father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar. Jim Bob is running for state Senate in Arkansas. 

Hidden True Crime released a podcast episode on YouTube last night about Josh Duggar’s recent conviction. The episode has also been posted on Patreon ad-free in audio form.

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Wow - this is pretty harsh about a person's father-in-law. It may be very true. But very damaging to his wife's family.

Can we take a moment and really relish all the things Jim Bob has lost this month? His dignity (lying under oath) his firstborn the election potentially several of his children any respect amongst his peers It's almost enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes.

I just read this too! It's quite the indictment. It wouldn't surprise me if Derick gets more specific on his accusations at a later date, now that he seems to have crossed the rubicon.

Tara Wells When is the right time to make voters aware of an individual who may be on their ballot come election time? Derek was unfortunate enough to know this "politician" on a personal level and is doing the right thing to tell voters the truth. How many times have we learned the truth about a politician only after they are in office? I would think this was not easy for Derek to write, but he did the right thing.

Good. I don't know much about Derek but in this instance I'm completely in support of this action. When someone tells the truth publicly about the kind of abuse Jim Bob took part in by lying, manipulating, downplaying and obfuscation about it, amongst whatever else he did, the person who SHOULD be in the spotlight is the wrongdoer, not the truth teller. If you do what Jim Bob did (applies to JD too obviously) then don't cry when you get outed. Cry about the behavior YOU chose, and cry about the inevitable and clear consequences which are the direct result of YOUR BEHAVIOR AND CHOICES, and shut up about being wronged by someone telling the truth about your actions - the truth about them is what it is BY YOUR OWN DAMN HAND, so look to yourself if you have a complaint. The man has never been held accountable for one second in his life and he takes zero responsibility for himself. He's like a highly dangerous overgrown baby with a bad attitude.

Jim Bob Duggar’s actions are all too common. I hope people see him for who and what he is and what he truly stands for.

Happy day!! Jim Boob has proven once more to be a loser. Lied in court, lied to daughters,lied to family, raised a perv, belongs to a twisted religion. NOT GOING TO BE SENATOR!! It's a happy day😃😄

Good for you Derrick for having a voice! I believe you wholeheartedly!

I'm so glad Derrick is speaking out with the truth. I'm also glad that Jill has broken free from Jim Bob and has a man that stands by her side and supports her instead of controlling her

I praise Derrick for speaking out , Jim Bob is shady and a control freak! His wife had 23 kids for goodness sake! They are to do exactly what he says and he benefits!! His son was touching his daughters for goodness sake!! I’m glad they escaped the imprisonment of their fathers “laws” and can live a better life! I guess the others are too scared at this moment to get out like poor Anna,, Josh’s wife!!!😭😭🥲🥲🥺 Hoping they see through him soon!!

So glad someone in that family is willing to speak truth to power! Derrick is helping Jill to break free from her abusive family and expose the truth and the bad actors. That's brave, whatever his reasons may be. Few people are brave enough to do that.

Whoa! I think somebody just got written out of the will!

Wow. Good for them for speaking out! Not easy to do!!!

I hope it spreads wide and far and is made very clear what he is. Anyone guilty in that circle.

Good for Derrick!!

Derrick, Thank you for speaking out. I believe you will have a successful future. My hope for you though..please educate yourself regarding the LGPTQ community. Almost 10% of the population is lbgtq. Based on those numbers and my intuition at least two of the Dugger kids ...do the math, see them for them. Everyone is loved by God. Open your mind to all. Thanks

Sounds like Jim Bob would fit right in at the senate!

So proud you and jill are speaking your truth Will you write a book about everything that happened

Someone from the"tribe" speaking the truth!

I am not finding the Josh Dugger podcast on Hidden True Crimes.

Cancel culture has nothing to do with you being a dooche

The Podcast was very interesting

They need to write a book.

Not in the least bit surprised. Pretending to be upstanding and Godly whilst lying and lining his own pocket. Sounds like all the other politicians out there. It’s why the US is in such a mess.

Religion, again

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For those asking: Yes, we will have this podcast, and Lauren’s other interviews, on an RSS feed soon.
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Amazing, insightful commentary delivered conversationally by a journalist and forensic psychologist couple from their family home. Wonderfully engaging & intimate. Always linking the discussion of the crime at hand to larger truths about the human condition. One of my absolute favorite crime series.

Your podcast effectively weaves a tapestry of facts, knowledge, instinct and research that not only applies to the cases being discussed, but provides an opportunity for the listeners to employ the strategies discussed and enrich their own relationships.

Podcast I didn’t know I needed: I’ve been an avid true crime podcast listener, always seeming as though I walked away missing something. This podcast fills that void. The deep psychological dive this couple takes is both needed in this world of true crime and much appreciated.

I am stunned by your competency- content and presentation- as a team.

You guys need more followers. I watched all the Daybell-Vallow episodes in one day. I have some of the same traits and mental health issues that Lori has. I don’t want to kill anybody, but you explained the problem. Thank you. I wish you were my mental health professional.

This is the best assessment, hands down, I have heard in years with regard to analysis of the criminal mind…thank you for having such integrity and for not talking down to your audience.

I looked forward to listening to your first podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Novel, unique, intelligent, insightful and even inspiring. Who would have thought I could listen to an episode about this case and walk away feeling inclined to be more grateful, grounded, mindful, and accepting of my humanity and mortality? Love both of you and can’t wait for the next one.

I listened to all the podcasts. Very valuable, interesting and intriguing information! I love the way John speaks and teaches. I love his references and stories. I LOVE how he explains Chad’s behaviors through psychology, referencing well respected clinical philosophies. John explains what I sensed about him…I plan to listen to these podcasts again because they are just plain educational! And very interesting. Looking forward to dinner next week!

I love hearing a point of view from someone who understands the mind of a criminal. Please put out more podcasts and consider doing one live. I have so many questions!

This is utterly brilliant. The best podcast I have ever heard. Ever.

The most important podcast I’ve ever heard. This has to be some of the most profound content in media today. A must listen for anyone trying to understand dysfunctional people around them.