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Beyond The Veil: Chad Daybell's Prophetic Yearnings

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The Hidden True Crime podcast and YouTube Channel bring criminal psychology and journalism together in a “genre-breaking” way as the husband-and-wife team of Dr. John Matthias and Lauren Matthias explore the psychological elements and hidden motivations of unthinkable crimes within the larger context of the human condition.

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A better understanding of crime is a better understanding of ourselves.


– Dr. John Matthias

Hidden True Crime Interviewed by Keith Morrison

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We missed everyone last night! Thanks for sharing this Liz! Updated Merch store coming soon! ☺️Lauren Matthias took a well deserved Friday night off .. I felt like something was missing so I made my own little #TGIF Hidden: A True Crime Podcast #merch ... See MoreSee Less

We missed everyone last night! Thanks for sharing this Liz! Updated Merch store coming soon! ☺️

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💖 Liz is gorgeous!!

You’re so pretty, Liz! Such a cute top.😍

I slept in it and am still wearing it! So comfy!

Looks great!!!

Lauren Matthias I need a hoodie ..

Can’t wait to order one!!

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No TGIF tonight. I have a date with Dr Babe!
This week we enjoyed a visit from the Woodcocks who were returning from the hearing in Rexburg about cameras in the courtroom. Today, Judge Boyce made his decision: No cameras. No photos. We’ll share more thoughts soon. #daybell
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No TGIF tonight. I have a date with Dr Babe! 
This week we enjoyed a visit from the Woodcocks who were returning from the hearing in Rexburg about cameras in the courtroom. Today, Judge Boyce made his decision: No cameras. No photos. We’ll share more thoughts soon. #daybell

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You deserve camera's and so do we with such evil manipulations. Kay and Larry,you are amazing! I love you both! God bless!

I was disappointed to hear no more cameras in the courtroom. I understand the concerns from the last court date, but seems like there could have been some middle ground.

I hope that they can appeal the decision .

I’m very disappointed to hear this!!

Look at the joy your little one brings them. Love seeing them smile. 💙

Banks looks like he’s in a perfect grandparent sandwich🫶🏼💗👏🏼

The way this case has been handled is truly embarrassing. I feel for them, too much nonsense and no justice!

I’m pissed with the no cameras I’ve waited yrs to see this

I don't like this judge already. Sealing everything, the public has a right to know. I don't understand.

Great photo! So sad and angry about Judge Boyce's decision! Just got home from AK and was really looking forward to TGIF! lol. Let's chat soon! Big hugs to the Woodcocks! I wonder how they feel about this decision...

What an upset, That case absolutely should be publicized, to the full extent

This is ridiculous and so much more. It’s very scary to say the least.

Love to Kay and Larry and Banks!

I think the court is nervous about more than just the trial. Things seemed to shutdown once they felt pressure from outside forces regarding how they are conducting their business. I think Lori Hellis hit some nerves.

Love ❤️ the Woodcocks! The judge is weak! jmo

look at your son cuddled up- children know where love and safety resides. this blesses me to see this

They have their grandson taken away… and then the court disregards their wishes to keep cameras in the courtroom… or give back JJ’s body for burial. Not really impressed by Idaho at this moment. Kay and Larry’s wishes should be their primary consideration.

Love from NJ. God bless you both!

So disappointing that no cameras will be allowed!😔

God Bless this family

Wow! I’m in Louisiana, but a granddaughter just moved to Idaho. I may need to schedule a visit with her in January. 🤔

Awww I bet they are so happy being with your son!

I had the chance years ago when I was very young (19 or 20 years old) to go to Idaho and marry a return missionary from my area. I am SO glad I chose not to do that for two reasons, the way they seem to run their justice system is terrible and the way he proposed, I dont know of anyone who calls a young lady and asked if she knows how to milk cows! Yes! That was his way of proposing to me!! LMBO!!

The courts could have put restrictions on the press in another famous case. Let camera take certain screen shots. No pics of her coming or going. They did that for another famous trial and it worked out. To many secrets. It will be used as a rebuttal at some point. Very disap in the Judge. the only thing is LVlost her audience…no more flirting eith the cameras.…no more games for her.

Beautiful 🥰 family. Love Kay & Larry - true heroes xx

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I am opposed to the judge's ruling today to ban cameras in the courtroom. The media need to sue Judge Boyce, and get his ruling reversed!!

I sure was disappointed but not surprised. Court TV, I think it was their coverage, crossed the line with their cameras so focused on Lori, as much as I was interested in seeing her. The Lawyer You Know, a YouTube channel I follow, had some good points about that. Thinking about this ban made me think of another trial I have followed that of an Australian, Chris Dawson, recently convicted of the murder of his wife in 1982. The similarity to the Daybell-Vallow case is the intense media coverage of the case mainly due to a podcast called The Teacher’s Pet. Once Dawson’s trial began with no cameras, the podcaster made weekly podcasts that were as excellent as the original. It’s called The Teacher’s Trial. I am hoping Lauren and Dr. John can do the same for this case.

Thank you

1 week ago
Hidden: A True Crime Podcast

TONIGHT! Dr John Matthias, forensic psychologist talks #Netflix #Daybell Documentary: SINS OF OUR MOTHER #LoriDaybell

Dr. John Matthias interviewed with the Netflix crew twice over the past two years and tonight Lauren and John will share our thoughts after watching the film. Before we go live tonight, we will share a recorded interview with Netflix Director Skye Borgma.

To see Dr. John's other insight on the case, head to our Podcast playlist



With your generosity, Let's see how far we can go together to reinvent the true crime genre

7:15 pacific TONIGHT! ( 8:15 mountain, 9:15 central, 10:15 eastern)

Dr. John Matthias is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist with over twenty-five years’ experience in both clinical and forensic work. He serves as an expert witness for the federal government and he has consulted on numerous high-profile cases for District Attorney’s offices and defense attorneys in several states.

In the forensic area, Dr. Matthias has developed expertise in personality assessments, hidden behavioral motivations, complex trauma and criminal psychology. In the clinical realm, he has worked with numerous victims. He also received his Master’s degree in Marriage, Family and Child counseling from the University of Southern California and he has worked with hundreds of families, couples and children over the years. He supervises UNLV doctoral students on forensic assessments, clinical case formulation, and various therapeutic approaches to clinical work.

Dr. Matthias graduated with honors in philosophy from Princeton University, and he won the prestigious McCosh Thesis prize while there. In high school he graduated valedictorian from a large public high school in Chicago where he was chosen to participate in a ground-breaking valedictory study that continues to this day. He received his doctorate from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Matthias has been an adjunct assistant professor in the University of Nevada Las Vegas clinical psychology doctoral program since 2007 and he has trained over 25 doctoral students since that time.

Your support helps us produce these podcasts/videos. We have some big plans to explore the true crime terrain in a way that no one else has attempted.



With your generosity, Let's see how far we can go together to reinvent the true crime genre
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I so agree. I felt that the minute she brought it up. Lori is a misguided hyper religious and hyper sexual person. Very dangerous combination.

I would agree, but when she showed the family pictures, none of Stacey. Janis said she has four children.

What about Janis? Strange lady and no mention of her 2 deceased children!

But the “at least we didn’t have to buy a present” comment from Janis was bizarre.

Yep. The narcissist doesn’t fall far from the tree

I hear both

Thoughts on Melanie Powlowski???

Love hearing from Dr.John! ❤ I'm im Idaho and can't wait for this trial to finally start!

They did a good job of letting Julie Rowe’s crazy bubble and squeak all on its own

And I really think without Chad Lori would be a menace to children and husbands without the religious delusions.

I thought it was really well done. It brought me to tears many times.

She seems too self involved to really miss anyone.

I really think without Lori Chad would still be passively aggressively waiting for Tammy to die and clumsily flirting via past life assertions.

Loved both hours 😉 thanks

What documentary are they talking about ?

Oh Sins of Our Mother. No way was this mother ever normal. And no way did she not know what she did was wrong. The way she covered the disappearance of the kids showed she knew she did wrong. A troubled woman always !

Colby and Kelsee need to pull out of the public eye and develop inner resources. Internet preaching, go fund me campaigning, and wallowing around in white Mormon cosplay duds for the camera are doing themselves no favors.

Dr John, Thank you for donating so much of your time in your interviews with Skye from Netflix. I truly believe that your input through your interviews was invaluable to Skye in her understanding of all of the players in this tragic tale and her ultimate editing choices in the telling of the story.

I still don’t buy all the stories about Tylee missing the wedding. How do you only notice when it’s time for pictures? That girl had SEVEN bridesmaids. And Tylee wasnt one? I smell a rat.

Lori manipulated ALL the kids with meds it sounds like.Charles’ boys said they were giving them meds in their court statements.

The Cox’s are lost in their dysfunction.

Great job.

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TONIGHT, 6:15PM PACIFIC We'll be premiering an interview with #skyeborgman, Director of the #netflix documentary #SinsOfOurMother.

A SPECIAL TGIF will follow, and Dr. John and I will will talk about our participation in the film.
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Amazing, insightful commentary delivered conversationally by a journalist and forensic psychologist couple from their family home. Wonderfully engaging & intimate. Always linking the discussion of the crime at hand to larger truths about the human condition. One of my absolute favorite crime series.

Your podcast effectively weaves a tapestry of facts, knowledge, instinct and research that not only applies to the cases being discussed, but provides an opportunity for the listeners to employ the strategies discussed and enrich their own relationships.

Podcast I didn’t know I needed: I’ve been an avid true crime podcast listener, always seeming as though I walked away missing something. This podcast fills that void. The deep psychological dive this couple takes is both needed in this world of true crime and much appreciated.

I am stunned by your competency- content and presentation- as a team.

You guys need more followers. I watched all the Daybell-Vallow episodes in one day. I have some of the same traits and mental health issues that Lori has. I don’t want to kill anybody, but you explained the problem. Thank you. I wish you were my mental health professional.

This is the best assessment, hands down, I have heard in years with regard to analysis of the criminal mind…thank you for having such integrity and for not talking down to your audience.

I looked forward to listening to your first podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Novel, unique, intelligent, insightful and even inspiring. Who would have thought I could listen to an episode about this case and walk away feeling inclined to be more grateful, grounded, mindful, and accepting of my humanity and mortality? Love both of you and can’t wait for the next one.

I listened to all the podcasts. Very valuable, interesting and intriguing information! I love the way John speaks and teaches. I love his references and stories. I LOVE how he explains Chad’s behaviors through psychology, referencing well respected clinical philosophies. John explains what I sensed about him…I plan to listen to these podcasts again because they are just plain educational! And very interesting. Looking forward to dinner next week!

I love hearing a point of view from someone who understands the mind of a criminal. Please put out more podcasts and consider doing one live. I have so many questions!

This is utterly brilliant. The best podcast I have ever heard. Ever.

The most important podcast I’ve ever heard. This has to be some of the most profound content in media today. A must listen for anyone trying to understand dysfunctional people around them.